Where we started

It all started with a dream

Two brothers, one dream.

Remember when we were young and ice cream was about quality and fresh ingredients? We've been missing the authentic flavor of the real ice cream. This flavor is etched in our memory and our dream was to bring it to you! Therefore, we worked hard on creating an Ice Cream with the authentic taste of the Mediterranean and we are proud to introduce it to our fellow Canadians since 2019.

There is nothing like it

Have you seen a stretchy Ice Cream before?

Bouza has a taste and a texture like no other. Our Ice Cream is built from scratch in the traditional Middle Eastern way which makes every flavour naturally unique.
We're all for the chewy/creamy/make you drool kind of Ice Cream!

What's in it?

All our ingredients are miticulously chosen to provide 100% natural and real ingredients. Our kitchen creates freshly handcrafted Ice Cream with a big variety of flavours that people line-up for.