We'll make it special

Mix it up

Fruits salads

Nutella lovers, this one is for you!

Ditch the guilt and indulge in a heartwarming balanced bowl filled with an all time favourite - Nutella!

Cotton Candy Bouza

Did anyone say Cotton Candy?!

Bring back the Ferris Wheel day memories with this unique mix of authenticity.

Warm things up

Pancake bites

Pancakes will never be the same!

This product is filled with all the goodies your heart desires and is topped with a special touch of Bouza!

Hot Bouza

A seasonal all time favourite.

This product is specifically made to warm you up on those cold Canadian winter days.

Bouza Cake

A unique and great addition to your sweet table.

Our Bouza cakes are offered in three different flavors ; Pistachios, Choco-Noisette and Lazy Cake.

Any choice will always be a good choice!

Handmade Bouza

We have an extensive wholesale offering available for all your business needs; from a 2 or 5 litre tub or Napoli pan which can include decoration. Our new retail tubs

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Grab N' Go

Why settle for just one scoop when you can Grab a pint N' Go! Enjoy
our Bouza from the comfort of your home all day, everyday!

Light Atcha

Choco Hazelnut

Vanilla Caramel